Hints & Tips

Hole 1 - Dipper (Par 2)

Straight down the middle, just getting your eye in.

Hole 2 - Rock n Roll (Par 2)

Using the angles, bounce off the walls.

Hole 3 - Sand Trap (Par 3)

An uphill putt. Not too hard, not too soft or you’ll end up in the bunker.

Hole 4 – Creek Side (Par 2)

A downhill putt and try to keep out of the rough.

Hole 5 - Hill Top (Par 3)

Use the angles, avoid the obstacles and enjoy the view.

Hole 6 - Willow Gully (Par 4)

Now it’s getting harder. Use all the skills you have mastered so far.

Hole 7 - River Gums (Par 4)

Easy does it. A gentle touch is what you need.

Hole 8 - The Falls (Par 3)

An easy birdie.  Think pinball wizard!!

Hole 9 - The View (Par 2)

Play it safe or go for broke, are you feeling lucky.

Hole 10 - The Birches (Par 3)

One solid straight put and Woo Hoo, an eagle.

Hole 11 - Boardwalk (Par 3)

A bit of skill and a lot of luck. A good chance to catch up on the score card.

Hole 12 - The Arbour (Par 3)

Look for the short cut to the hole but be careful it doesn’t always pay off.

Hole 13 -Lakeside (Par 2)

One for those that remember the game of Bobs. A nice straight shot for a hole in one

Hole 14 - The Swing (Par 2)

Swing the pendulum. Timing is everything.

Hole 15 - Conifer Corner (Par 3)

A deft touch is required to get around the corner.

Hole 16 - The Plough (Par 3)

Straight through the middle or end up back at the start.

Hole 17 - Through the Mill (Par 3)

Avoid the hazards, use the angles and not too hard. Put it all together to get the win.

Hole 18 - The Weeper (Par 3)

A good putt under the bridge and you can still win this thing.

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